Friday, June 10, 2011

Harold P. Cook and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.

Richard Cowen, "Embattled Judge Cancels Court Session," in The Record, June 9, 2011, at p. L-1.

Nothing is more irresponsible than for a Municipal Court Judge to abandon a court session and "disappear" for a day without an adequate (or any) explanation. Perhaps there is a drug problem or sexual irregularities in such a judge's life, as with Mr. Wiener's revealing texting habits. In New Jersey, anything is possible.
"Embattled Judge Harold P. Cook, III abruptly cancelled his Municipal Court session in Ringwood on Wednesday, citing an unspecified 'emergency,' according to court officials."
"Cook was scheduled to return to the the municipal bench in Ringwood for the first time since judicial misconduct charges lodged against him by the state on May 19 were made public. But he never arrived for the scheduled 4:30 P.M. session. A substitute judge, Toni Belford Damiano, [Gambino affiliations are denied, I am sure,] arrived around 5:00 P.M. to conduct the proceedings."
It is not alleged that Terry Tuchin subjected Mr. Cook to hypnotic suggestion in order to embarass him or otherwise injure the individual currently targeted by the OAE. Mr. Cook is a Republican. However, Republican Terry Tuchin is said to work for the highest bidder. I am sure there was a lot of plea bargaining in that court session. ("Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")
Judge Cook is facing 43 Superior Court lawsuits -- some may have been generated by political enemies -- while, allegedly, bribing Garden State politicians, like former state Senator Henry McNamara, (R-Wykoff).
The "Judge" -- who is pretty typical of New Jersey's many soiled bench warmers -- will NOT be taking a leave of absence, especially if he can cut a deal behind the scenes with Rabner, Christie (whom Judge Cook "knows," allegedly), and maybe Sweeney or Codey, who will certainly not pass up an opportunity to wet their beaks. ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")
Judge Cook is represented by Salvatore Alfano, Esq. (a.k.a. "Sally Boy") a "connected" local shyster who is rumored to belong to Sweeney, despite Republican affiliations. The price for the OAE to walk away may be going up, Mr. Cook. Lots of luck, your "Honor." ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")
A list of more than twenty sources detailing new allegations of corruption in New Jersey's legal and political system will be attached to this essay in the days ahead, including some truly shocking allegations concerning Democrat "pension scams."
"Business as usual" in New Jersey.
John C. Enslin, Richard Cowen, & Andrew Tangel, "Creditors Say Judge Owes Them Millions: Suits Reveal Growing Financial Trouble," in The Record, June 12, 2011, at p. A-1.
Judge Cook, as I have indicated (mysteriously), who still has not been subjected to interrogational hypnosis by Terry Tuchin or Diana Lisa Riccioli while remaining a target of numerous lawsuits "is under growing pressures from banks and individuals who contend that he and his business partners owe millions [mafia?] in unpaid loans."
Financial troubles can often be "arranged' for politically targeted individuals from behind the scenes. Senator Menendez is said to be highly adept at this tactic as Ms. Cunningham may have reason to know:
"Harold P. Cook III [sic.] disclosed Friday that he will take a leave of absence from the bench pending the outcome of the complaint in which the state advisory committee on judicial conduct had accused him of not observing the high standards of conduct [irony?] expected of a judge."
In New Jersey, this "high standard" is a joke:
" ... banks have called in 10 loans -- some with revolving lines of credit -- issued to Cook and his partners. The complaint states that creditors have $2,707,661 in judgments against Cook[,] so far."
This is the sort of individual -- Judge Cook -- that Mr. Rabner should appoint to the state Supreme Court, except that Mr. Cook is not Jewish.


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